Our Unique Heritage

At Timbercrest Projects we are carpentry specialists offering the highest of quality and experience for your next project  - at competitive prices.

We have built a reputation amongst our  clients and builders for quality and value for money.  We are also also well known for making the transition period from planning stages  to handover seamless.  We minimise  the stress and uncertainty of projects for our clients by our strong commitment to, and track record of achieving  project deadlines and expectations.

Our energetic and enthusiastic team of experienced licensed tradespeople have a great passion for what we do each and every day. We take pride in every task and look forward to the challenges each project has to offer -  turning your ideas on paper into reality in wood. 

Customer Priorities

The biggest need anyone buying services has is TRUST. Timberlake knows that trust is hard to win and easy to lose. We work hard to earn your trust and deliver:

  • Environmentally sustainable timber 
  • Workmanship of the highest quality
  • Fair prices for what we deliver
  • On-time delivery

From planning through design and installation Timbercrest Projects keeps you informed in detail about the progress on your project and make sure that there ae no unpleasant surprises. Timbercrest cares,

Our Solutions

Timbercrest projects knows that every project is different, and that every project has its own unique challenges that must be surmounted if the customer's expectations and requirements are to be met. So although Timbercrest uses best-practices in all aspects of our work, we also bring uniqueness and flexibility to every project.



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