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Hardwood is wood from dicot trees. These are usually found in broad-leaved temperate and tropical forests. In temperate and boreal latitudes they are mostly deciduous, but in tropics and subtropics mostly evergreen. They make tough, beautiful screens and decks.


There are so many beautiful woods to choose from for your interior. Oak for toughness and texture, Cedar for its unique grain, Teak for its unique color, Walnut for its breathtaking subtlety. We know and love our wood - talk to us!


Hardwood timber cladding provides a protective sheath to your building. Hardwood timber cladding is a justifiably popular choice for putting the finishing touches to the exterior of commercial and domestic buildings. It offers the designer great design choices, easy handling for the builder , and the natural beauty of Australian timber.

Timber decorative and panel screening

Timber screens are extremely popular and versatile. They can add privacy to the entrance of your home, or enclose balconies and patios. they can also be used to screen eyesores such as garbage bins and air conditioning units.

Perfect finish

A prefect finish requires a perfectly executed job from start to finish - working with the beauty of timber, not against it.  We respect wood.

Ethical Business

A business is more than what it sells - it is the ethics, the commitment and respectful heart that delivers what is promised. 

Sustainable Sourcing

Our timber is sourced from sustainable sources. We love the beauty of wood and the environment that produces it. Timbercrest cares.


For Outdoors and Indoors

Outdoor entertaining areas

There is simply nothing to compare to the warmth of timber for your outdoor entertaining areas. It seems to release the imagination of all present, generating the relaxing waves of nature. The best woods for this are generally considered to be teak, oak, red cedar and iroko. 

Skirting and architraves

One of the most common questions we are asked, is what is the difference between skirting board and architrave. Skirting board is used to cover the join with the floor at the bottom of a wall, whereas architrave  is used around the edges of structures, such as doors and windows. Generally,  you should opt for skirting boards that are approximately 5%  of the height of your room or  skirting boards that are about double the width of your door architraves.

Windows and doors

WIndows and doors must be crafted perfectly, or sooner rather than later, you will find horrible rattling fittings that jam and fail to move smoothly when required, Our craftsmen know this and provide real expertise in every aspect of manufacture and installation. Timbercrest cares. 

Custom cubby houses

Cubby houses are such a joy but they need to be crafted with great care for the safety and enjoyment of children.  Timbercrest takes that care and crafts safe, quality timber cubby houses at great value prices your family will love.


For Commercial and Private Property

Picket and heritage fences

A picket fence really makes your property stand out in the best and most traditional way.  Redwood wood for Fencing. Redwood is  extensively used type of wood even though it'd not the cheapest. Redwood's quality, durability, and beauty render it most attractive for this purpose.

Child care centre outdoor play fitouts

Timbercrest has significant experience in the design and building of childcare centers and outdoor play areas. We know what is needed to make these areas beautiful, engaging and above all, safe for children. We choose the most suitable timber and shape it with love. Timbercrest cares.

Pub/ shop fit outs

Pubs and shops require special design to make customers feel welcomed and at home - making sure they will return time and again. Timbercrest knows what makes commercial premises successful and brings its expertise to your commercial projects,

We  Bring the Professional Yet Personal Touch

At Timbercrest projects,  we never, ever los sight of the fact that we are doing business with people, not just corporate entities or building owners. We listen carefully to your needs and make every effort to fulfill them.

We keep you informed every step of the way and are always committed to honesty, transparency and quality.

Timbercrest cares.

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